Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Hope you are getting ready for a wonderful and relaxing Canada Day. We're breathing a sigh of relief today because our missing medical document finally arrived today. Now we're anxious to get our little one out of the baby house and here with us. One more day, two visits and two nights to try to make ourselves sleep. We're just so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. We don't ever recall even Christmas being this exciting as kids, waiting for Santa to arrive!

In fact, we're so excited we can hardly think, so it's really hard to try to think of things to post about. Many of the other families here are also excited for us, especially the ones that are just getting started or have just had their court date and it looks like this day is so far off. We are living proof that it can happen and it does happen.

We wish you all the same luck and well wishes that we have been so fortunate to have. Your day will come, too.


Catherine & Larry said...

Dear Rod,Tammy & Max.
Great news that your missing document arrived. We are sure that time seems to be standing still for you at this moment, but Oh!!! what a wonderful reward you are about to receive for your patience. Less than 48 hours to go!!!! Can't wait to for this little fella to make his way into your lives full time forever.

Happy Canada Day to you as well.
Love you all
Catherine & Larry

dkeogh said...

Happy Canada Day guys!! Hope the next day goes fast and you get to bring Max to your 'Kaz home' safe and sound.

You so deserve to be excited and happy....it is lovely to hear others there are sharing in your excitement. Enjoy every moment and seal the memories in your heart forever. This truly is a special time.

The Keoghclan in Toronto

PS. Guess its as good a time as any to tell you that now you are parents you will NEVER sleep well again!! Every deep breath your wee Max takes, every sneeze and sigh at night you will hear....welcome to the world of sleep deprived parents :-)

BG & JoG said...

Yeah!! I mean that to sound as much Canadian as possible!!!Finally, you are just steps away from making your dream a reality...I just can't get over what a miracle it is that he looks so much like both of you in some ways...it's as if he WAS meant for the two of you...as if you were to find him, exactly him as he is Makseem...even though it has been a long journey, you will never look back on it without remembering what a miracle it is and how it came to be...truly, we are so happy for you...now, I'm bawling...okay, I'll try to close up so you can get moments, seconds, away from having Max with you and realizing your dream!!! Think about how many dreams actually come true? not very many...but this is no longer a dream and it's reality....sweet...talk to you soon, much love and more prayers for your return to Canada with the newest GERMAN!!!