Saturday, July 5, 2008

The First 48

So, it’s been about 48 hours since you last heard from the German Trio. We have all managed to sleep, eat, play and handle diaper duty. We live in an equity family, so everybody has a job to do when it comes to diaper duty! Some of us fill them, some change them, some of us deal with the aftermath which might include rushing them out the door. Okay, too much information, we know. But many of you wonder what we are up to, and this sums it up.

We are doing our best to try to figure out Max’s life and he is doing his best trying to figure out ours. He’s been eating and sleeping fairly well and seems to be enjoying having the opportunity to have preferences for some foods as well as negotiate bed and nap times. Although we asked many questions of the caregivers about his daily routines, routines aren’t that easy to follow when you change as much in his life as we have.

Yesterday went amazingly well for our first full day as a family. Max ate everything we prepared for him and went for naps and bedtime when expected. He’s slept through both nights and had an absolute blast in the tub. Today was a little more challenging. He’s been a little fussier about food and not so easy to put down for naps. We know that it will take time to develop a routine and to get to know one another, so we are thankful that we have the opportunity to focus on being parents right now.

We are also excited to learn even more about our little guy. For example, we now know that when he is settling down to sleep that he rotates his ankles and kneads his toes into the bed (very cute). We also know that when he shakes his head “no”, he really means it and any attempt to override his decision will get launched across the room.

Max is also learning about us. For the most part he accepts that our glasses are off limits – no exceptions. The last thing we need to happen is to break a pair of glasses. We are both completely helpless without them and didn’t bring an extra pair (not that we probably would have even if we thought of it beforehand). We can just imagine the disaster it would be trying to navigate the streets here and airports with one of us needing the other as a seeing eye dog!

Now, for those of you who only come for the pictures:

Dad gave Max his first bath here at the apartment.

Max likes to sleep with his bottom in the air.

Max checking out all the features of his new stroller (or planning his method of escape).


Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

Very cute pictures, as always! Cherish this get-to-know-each-other time. We sometimes long for those early "lazy" days of custody in Almaty when we had no other responsibilities than to get to know each other. And change a few diapers. Though it's wonderful to have it all behind you as well.

dkeogh said...

Great to see the updates. Max (and you both!!) appear to be transitioning well. Our Orin had quite the ritual to put himself asleep also. 2-3 sausages (fingers) in his mouth, the other hand rubbed his hair and his feet banged up and down on the crib to sooth himself. The first night I thought what the he*l is that noise??

I remember fondly the days of getting to know Orin, as Sara said they are precious!

You guys are getting there. Your trip (for us anyway) seems to have flown by!

Take care

The Keoghclan in TO

Butch & Tracy said...

So glad to hear that your life as a family is coming together so well. You are a beautiful family!

So, did you carry the stroller over with you when you went? DId you check it with your bags? Did it cost extra to do that?


Joby & Marla said...

I love the picture of him sleeping with his butt in the air. Cute!!!!

BG & JoG said...

Good pictures of Max!! He is just trying to fine tune you now and things are very different in his world...but he could never survive or thrive without your hang in're in the home stretch now! We Continue to pray for your remaining time in Kaz as well as your safe return to Davidson and the newest chapter in Max's life!!!TAke care...and yeah, those glasses are pretty precious...can you imagine trying to repair them there or find new ones??? Out of the question....

Jo said...

Too cute... I remember when my boys slept with their little butts in the air. Enjoy your time there getting to know one another.
I just wanted to let you know that I got my LOI and am with the same agency as you. I'm leaving in a few weeks but for Almaty. I'll send you an invite if I can find your email address.

Nathanaël said...

Diaper duty, we're looking forward to that one!
Nice to see the adaptation to your menu and schedule. Same as at the baby house, but slowly getting into the R & T custom design. Good good.

I like the bottom in the air deal, we'll see if we can match that.

Nathanaël, Isabelle and Andrei.