Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Summer, Everyone!

So, by the calendar we see that today is the first day of summer, which also means it is the longest day of the year. That’s a little ironic, because today is the first day that we have both been feeling a like the days are starting to drag on a little. Many families before us have mentioned the “Groundhog Day Syndrome.” For those of you who don’t watch many movies, Groundhog Day was a movie where Bill Murray wakes up day after day and its still Groundhog Day with the same routine, same news, same song on the radio, etc. Well, today we have all the symptoms. Just what would we do if we didn’t have pop culture to help us define our lives?

This week is also a little sad because many of the families that started the same week we did here have also had court and are returning home without their children for the appeal period. They will return in 3 to 4 weeks when the paperwork is nearly done. It seems as though Canadian families are the only ones who stick out the whole two months, every other family we’ve met has done two trips. We’re not really sure why this is, but it is a choice that every family gets to make, it isn’t mandated. For us, the cost of the extra flights was quite a bit more than the cost of staying, but more importantly, staying is what is best for Max and that is what our priority is. We’ve met a few families who have returned for their second trip and see how hard it is when their child doesn’t recognize them right away. So, we will continue to hold down the fort and will try to check in on their children as often as we are allowed. We wish them all safe travels and a speedy return.

Okay, we’re done whining. We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t complain because we entered this adventure knowing that it would have ups and downs and that tomorrow we will bounce right back and be our cheerful selves again. In reality, we’ve only got 12 and a half more days because after that we will have a little bundle of energy to chase after and we will look back fondly on days like today when we can sit peacefully and do nothing for hours at a time!

Today we met our new translator, Olia. Olia is attending university to be a teacher, but because of her love of languages is considering being an interpreter instead. She seems like a very outgoing and inquisitive person, so we look forward to getting to know her better. We are planning to make a bit of a scrapbook for Max about his caregivers and the Baby House for when he is older and Olia will help us translate the notes Max’s caregivers wrote for him as well as getting some information on his current schedule, diet, etc. Olia grew up in Ust’-Kamenogorsk, so she will likely have some good ideas for places we haven’t visited yet that would be interesting. We’ve discovered that we aren’t really museum people, we prefer to get to know a city and country by experiencing it first hand.

So, we know you’re really only reading the blog for the pictures, so here’s your little tidbit for the day. Max was happy to hear the Riders won, even if it was only a preseason game. We don’t want to see a tantrum, so we’ll just keep the Edmonton thing to ourselves for awhile!

Take care, and keep writing those posts and emails.


Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

Love the Riders shirt! We attended the Grey Cup with our SK relatives and cheered the Riders to their victory.

We are so glad we did it all in one trip. We cannot help but attribute Zoe's easy transition at least in part to the fact that after 2 months she already saw us as her caretakers even if we only showed up for a short time each day. It's odd to hear so many families say the process "requires" 2 trips or even 3 trips in places like Almaty. Personal circumstances might force someone to choose multiple trips, but it is still a choice.

The monotony is real, but try to enjoy the lack of responsibilty while it lasts. Soon it will end! And that will be wonderful as well.

We continue to love your blog!

dkeogh said...

Well......I dont read for a few days and what do I find when I come back but photos of a little cutie!! Max is very handsome and congrats Mom and Dad on a positive court decision!! Yes life does get 'groundhogish'over there but as Sara says it will pass (we promise!!) .....enjoy your bonding time with Max. Funny you mention about the Canadian families being the only ones to do one trip. When we were in Almaty in 2006 only myself and another Mom from Toronto stayed the whole time. All other families from our BH did two trips. As Sara says I really do think that your child getting to see you daily, helps build the bond and lessen the trauma when they leave the BH.

Good luck guys.

The Keogh's in Toronto.

Jo said...

Your little guy looks so cute in green with the Riders shirt. I'll be thinking of him when the Riders play the Bombers.

Jamey & Catherine said...

Hey Rod, Tammy and Max!
It is always great to hear from you on our site. Thanks for the posts. We are so glad everything is working out great for you in Ust. We had a reporter from the Lloyd paper ask us if we knew of any other canadian couples adopting from Kaz and we mentioned you! (A couple from saskatoon area) We will try to send you a copy back in Canada. we have had some stormy seas here in Uralsk but hopefully things will look up soon! It won't be long now and we will all be back at home. It looks like we might be with you or on your tail comming home. End of July sometime. (Uralsk has no 15 day wait period after court) All the best, thanks for your positive encouragement and help with the internet connection!
Jamey and Catherine

Tina Riecken said...

Hi Mrs.German and Mr.German Max is so cute!!! Go Riders Go!!!!!!