Monday, June 16, 2008

Finally, a menu with only two choices...

When we last left our intrepid travellers, they were braving the streets of Ust in search of new sights and tastes. As always they were also trying to avoid being run over.

We did get to Doner along with two other families and our translator for a quick bite and a nice visit before our translator heads off to write final exams and the on to her summer vacation to the US. The menu at Doner is rather interesting. First of all, it has pictures, and we LOVE pictures! Second, basically every meal is the same they just vary in the combination of how the ingredients are put together. Rod and I thought we ordered two different things off the menu, but as it turns out, they were the same, Rod’s were just assembled into a bun and mine were separate on a plate. So, what exactly is Turkish fast food? Well, it wasn’t as unfamiliar as we thought, just spelled different. In Canada, these are called donair and we’ve seen them in those prepared subs that you sometimes see at the rink or in a gas station. Doner/donair is basically seasoned meat that is cooked on a spit and is sliced off as needed. It is was served in a bun along with french fries, tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers, mayonnaise and ketchup (all in the bun, even the fries). Tammy’s was exactly the same ingredients, just not assembled into a sandwich.

Sunday we continued our adventures of the city and walked to the second large square in Ust that has a large fountain and is next to the new Mosque, which is a rather impressive building. We didn’t go inside, but the outside was interesting nonetheless. We continued on to find another bazaar, which looks like it would be bigger than the first, but was just more spread out. This bazaar focussed more on food and carpets and had only a few clothing and shoe stalls.

As you know, tomorrow is our court hearing, so Rod is very excited to finally get to wear his new suit in 30+ temperatures. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the courthouse is air conditioned! We’ll let you know tomorrow how it went. We don't anticipate any problems.

Until then….


Karen & Glenn said...

Here's to a great court hearing! Ust families are fortunate to be able to read our speeches! We tried to maintain a ton of eye contact with the judge and the prosecutor, looking up often as we read, but neither of them was looking at us -- they were busy paging through the journal and the dossier. It will be a breeze for you and you will be fine. I don't think the court house is air conditioned, but I do remember that it seemed to stay cool. It was HOT on our court date, but it was not hot inside. Good luck, and we'll see you in a few days!

Jo said...

Good luck in court tomorrow. I can't wait to see M and hope that you'll be posting pictures soon.
A few other families left for Kaz this month from our agency and I hope to be getting my invite soon as well.
Take care!

Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

By now it is Tuesday in Kaz and you very well may be in court. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing a positive outcome. And to photos, of course! :)