Friday, May 30, 2008

Life is Good

Another great day with our son. Today we met a new caregiver, Luba, who gave us two thumbs up. She was very impressed with the great eye contact M gives us, all of the things we are doing with him and how well he is responding to us. When we arrived this afternoon he was already dressed in his “visiting clothes” and quickly dropped the toy he was playing with so we could pick him up. When we dropped him off today he kept watching Mom the whole time she was putting his stuff in his locker, even when Luba was talking to him. We think she has a special place in her heart for M, because she called him “my son” and mimed “little”. We are certain she meant she has been his caregiver since he was little. It is comforting to get her approval. We think he's pretty darned special too.

M is teething and was quite uncomfortable this afternoon, so he was happiest being held. Of course, we enjoyed every minute of it, even though the temperature was about 35 degrees. We were happy that he took a teething ring from Rod which he got much relief from. Between teething and the heat, he wasn’t in a playful mood, but we are thankful that we were able to comfort him.

And from the Kaz files…

The only thing that makes traffic slow down here is a thick layer of fresh tar on the street. Having a clean car is very important here. You often see the men polishing and visiting around their cars. We're pretty sure our driver dusts and polishes his car every morning before he picks us up. He'd shudder to see how dirty our cars get driving on grid roads!


Janna said...

Congratulations you guys! News of litte M has spread quickly through town. Everyone is so happy & excited for you. The common question around town is now "Have you checked Rod & Tammy's blog today?" I look forward to learning more about "your little boy"

Deamel said...

Congrats Mommy & Daddy. We are all so exited for you. Ian & Sean are wondering if we will be able to go camping and tubing with their new little cousin. I told them that probably not this summer, but more than likely, next summer. Little M is to small to go tubing, but Sean thinks building sand castles with him would be cool.We read your blogs every day, and wait for the next.Take care and be well!
Auntie Mel & Uncle Deano, cousins Ian & Sean

m said...

Congratulations!!! I am so excited for all three of you- Michelle S