Friday, May 30, 2008


$1.35 a litre! Catherine, we may be moving in because it will cost too much to drive home. Tell Larry to get his walking shoes on, our little one likes to be walked! (Grandpa German would be in his glory!) As far as we can tell, it is about 80 cents a litre here, but the average wage is also much lower than it is in Canada, so in perspective, I guess gasoline would be more costly here, even if it is lower at the pumps.

Our morning visit was excellent! M taught us how to play "pick up" and got quite a kick watching his Dad retrieve his tossed items. M is teething and continues to find comfort in his soft books. We will take a teething ring for him this afternoon to give the little guy some relief. He is settling in faster each visit and we can now sit and play with him in under 15 minutes, which is a huge milestone for us. Rod laments that M continues to be a "mama-suck" because he goes to Tammy easier than him, but all in all, M is doing very well. Tammy figures she better get all she can now, because when M sees all of the adventures his father has planned for him, she isn't likely to see much of them once we are at home!

Well, it's time for us to head off for visit #2 today, so we'd better get going.

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