Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Well, here we are folks, all our documents are done, our bags are packed and we are just waiting those last few hours before we are picked up to go to the airport.

It’s hard to believe we’re leaving. We’ve developed a whole new realm of “normal” for ourselves. As in, it’s normal to not really know what you’ve ordered for supper and it’s normal to have to stand for minutes at a street sign to sound out the letters so you have a clue where you’ve gotten yourself. It’s also normal to look ten times before crossing the street and have much too close of an understanding of how gophers in Saskatchewan must feel.

And, it’s normal to be full time parents with nothing else to do all day but make sure our little guy is happy, healthy and knows just how much he is loved and just how privileged we feel to be given the opportunity to be his parents.

So, what will we miss? Well, lots and probably most of it we won’t even realize for many more days to come. But, at the top of our list:

*The people at the baby house, both the staff and all of the wonderful other adoptive families we have met and shared this experience with. Although we are very much looking forward to seeing our families again, we also feel that we are leaving some new family behind as they continue their adventure in other directions.

*The wonderful coordinators and translators that we have worked with here that have helped make our dreams come true. They do not take enough credit for all of their hard work and dedication.

*The scenery, especially the moon peeking over the mountains and shining on the river across the street from our apartment in Ust.

*Learning about another country and culture first hand. Seeing how other people really live, not how their lives are portrayed in a distilled book or internet version. And yes, to some degree, the language. Although it has been trying at times, to say the least, it has also given us a definite sense of accomplishment to know that we could survive on our own and could learn at least a tiny bit of another language.

*The yogurt. ‘Nuff said. (and butter, and full sugar soda - all of the things we generally don't indulge in at home.)

Anyway, our goal is to get at least a couple of hours rest before we are picked up for the airport, so we’d best sign off and do our best to accomplish this feat.

Catch you on the flip side!


dhebron said...

Everytime you write something, I am crying or close to tears. Tears of JOY! I am so happy for the two of you and Little Max. Have a Safe trip Home!

Deamel said...

Dear Rod, Tam, & Max:
This will be the last time that we will leave a comment to your blogs. We have truly enjoyed following your journey and we will miss getting the news from over there. However we have missed you dearly and are excited that you are finally coming home.We hope that you have a safe and uneventful trip home. We will definately see you at the airport in S'toon, the boys have already packed for the trip. We can't wait to see you guys and to finally meet our new little newphew!!! Take care
Love Dean, Mel, Ian, & Sean

Butch & Tracy said...

Congrats.. have safe travels home...

The Willners said...

Hey You Guys!
We have all loved reading your blog and we can't wait to see you! Have a safe trip home back to Saskatchewan!!!!!
Best Wishes
The Willners
P.S. Riders are 5-0 for the first time since 1934~~~

keoghclan said...

Paca Paca Kazakhsan. Safe travelling and Max Bienvenue Au Canada.

The Keoghclan in TO

Crystal & Kirk said...

We couldn't be happier for you and wish you an amazing flight home. I feel so involved in your story that I am almost sad that this chapter has come to an end. Take care and we'll see you soon.

BG & JoG said...

it's a good sign no doubt when the Roughriders make a comeback on Sunday night after a tornado warning, hail and rain (and of course, wind)...but it's a better sign when YOU'RE COMING HOME!!! i, TOO have loved reading your adventure BUT when you're half a world away, there's something that's just simply not the same!!! It will be so great to have you back and with the newest addition to the family, MR. MAX...can't wait to meet him and see you but for now I'll sign off; just wanted to wish you safe journey home and will continue praying for you until you land back in Canada and Saskatchewan!! You will probably be boarding the plane by the time you read this -right now it's almost 7pm Tues eve....so you're already on YOUR WAY HOME likely...talk to you soon...
LOve, BGs & Baiers

Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

I have truly enjoyed following your journey. We are so happy for you as you embark on your final leg to Canada - which is really just the beginning, of course. Best wishes to you all!


Nathanaël said...
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Nathanaël said...

...there's no place like home...there's no place like home...there's no place like home...

So that's awsome. Heading home, as planned, we're happy for you all, including the other family. Can't say we ain't a tad jealous, but suppose we all have to do our time!?
You guys were real troopers. We are very happy to have met you, able to spend a little bit of time getting to know you all, and should we meet again, we'll see the all new, and improved (older), MAX, comparing the before and after.
Take care, safe travels (obviously, cause you're reading this back at home, tomorrow), and hope to be in touch.

Nathanaёl, Isabelle, Andrei

dnd82001 said...

Safe travels and continued blessings are sent your way!!


Angela said...

It has been a joy to read about your experience adopting little Max. You are an inspiration in your adventurousness (word?), perseverance and fantastic attitudes. Happy travels!