Monday, July 14, 2008


Okay folks, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We’ve booked our flights home (a very painstaking and troublesome event) for July 30th. Our flight leaves Almaty at 3:20am on the 30th and we will arrive home around 3:30pm on the 30th, if all goes as planned.

Travel will take approximately 24 hours in total, but we gain 12 hours on the way home, so this accounts for what seems to be a short trip. So that means that when we arrive at our final destination our bodies will think it is 3:30 in the morning, so we hold no promises that we will be alert and logical at that time. We actually have the fastest possible route home, but this also creates relatively short layovers which are a blessing if we make the next flight and a nightmare if we don’t. We’re pretty confident that each connection gives us ample time to stretch our legs, get to the next gate, go through customs (Calgary, we assume) and do whatever else we need to between flights. If all goes as planned, we will arrive in Frankfurt at 6:25am, depart for Calgary at 9:55am. Arrive in Calgary at 11:40am and depart at 2:25pm.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, there are a few things that need to be completed here. First, we need to get Max’s passport in hand. Best case scenario, it could be here this Thursday. It may take until Monday or so, but we’re hoping for sooner rather than later. Then, we have to apply for a visa for him to leave Ust (yeah, we don’t get it either) which apparently takes only a day or so.
Then we’re off to Almaty to apply for his entry visa into Canada. This can take anywhere from two to five days, so that should still leave us a couple of days grace if something gets hung up.

Best case scenario, everything is done in the least amount of time possible and we have to keep ourselves busy for five or so days in Almaty. Next to worse case scenario, we make our plane with all documents in hand by the skin of our teeth. We don’t need to tell you then what the worst case scenario would be. We’re not sure yet who would lose their minds first, Rod or Tammy, if this happens. We’ve got our fingers crossed that by then we will have taught Max how to beg, plead and fly a plane so we can all get home.

So, we started packing today. First, because we are eager to get this show on the road, and second, we don’t want to be caught off guard if we get last minute confirmation that we can fly to Almaty. There is only one flight per day and we want to be on the first one possible!

Keep your fingers and toes (and whatever else you can think of) crossed for us!

(Gerald, now would be a good time to put a good word in for us!)


Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

You're getting there. Slowly but surely. Actually, from someone on the other side who checks in on you only when I have a spare minute (i.e. never as often as I like), the time seems to have flown by.

I am curious about your Canadian visa. Ours could only be processed in Moscow and we sent our coordinator (on an all expense paid weekend trip) to retrieve it. Are you experiencing the same?

Nathanaël said...

Great for you that you're so close now. Keeping busy and playing together will surely pass the time without thinking, or counting, and before you know it, you're in Almaty, having a great time, then flying home, with your new pilot Max!
Happy for you that things are winding down.

Your friends,
Nathanaël, Isabelle and Andrei.